Revocation Hearings

Are you facing a revocation of your probation or diversion? Don’t face this hearing alone. You may be shocked to find that you are facing a long jail term for violating your probation, diversion, or parole. If this is the case, you need qualified legal representation. It can be possible to persuade a judge to consider non-jail alternatives like house arrest and treatment or to make a probation violation go away completely.

Criminal defense lawyer Timothy R. Tompkins has helped many clients get back on track after a probation violation. He negotiates directly with prosecutors to clear up misunderstandings and fights for alternatives to jail. He serves the entire Kansas City metro area, including both Kansas and Missouri.

Why Am I Facing Revocation?

There are many reasons why the prosecutor filed a motion to revoke your probation or diversion. They may include:

  • New charges. An arrest or conviction for a new offense can cause a judge to revoke your probation and impose the original, underlying jail term. We aggressively fight new charges to prevent the court from revoking your probation and sending you to jail. At an evidentiary hearing, we can attack the basis for the probation violation and argue the facts in your favor.
  • Probation/diversion violations. Many people don't realize that when they plead guilty, receive a suspended sentence, or go on a diversion, they receive probation instead of jail. In Missouri and Kansas, for instance, even defendants with no criminal record can do jail time if they fail to fulfill all the terms of probation. Even failing to pass just one drug test or missing one meeting with a probation/diversion officer can cause you to receive a criminal conviction and face a long stint in jail or prison.
Judges can set any number of probation conditions, including: refrain from drinking or entering bars, stay employed, pass periodic drug tests, attend treatment, make all appointments with your probation officer, pay all fines, etc. Your underlying jail sentence can "kick in" for failing to meet any of the judge's terms.

Don’t risk jail time — get help from an attorney

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Fighting for You

At your revocation hearing, Timothy R. Tompkins fights to make the probation violation go away and keep you out of jail. If it is not possible to defeat the violation, he negotiates with the prosecutor and will argue for alternative punishments in lieu of the full underlying jail/prison sentence, including:

  • House arrest
  • Community service
  • Work release
  • Weekend rehabilitation programs
  • Treatment

Going to jail for a probation violation is not automatic. Contact the KC Traffic Lawyer, who can give you a solid chance of avoiding a probation revocation. Call today for a free confidential consultation.

Revocation Hearing Attorney in Kansas City

Attorney Timothy R. Tompkins is a native of the Kansas City area. He treats every client with the personal attention their situation demands and deserves. He is committed to effectively representing clients through each stage of the case, from requesting initial police reports to negotiating plea agreements to going to trial when necessary. If you’ve received a traffic violation or have committed a misdemeanor in the KC metro, you deserve quality legal representation. Contact the KC Traffic Lawyer for a case consultation today.