If you are charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license or you face suspension because of too many moving violations or points, The KC Traffic Lawyer can help. Timothy R. Tompkins has helped hundreds of clients in Kansas and Missouri avoid jail. He represents drivers in the greater Kansas City area who are facing serious traffic charges or administrative license suspensions. He’s helped many clients stay out of jail, keep their license, and get their driving privileges back.

Driving While License Suspended or Revoked?

The potential consequences are swift and severe for driving while suspended (DWS) or driving while revoked (DWR):

  • In Kansas, a DWS/DWR conviction carries a minimum mandatory jail time of five consecutive days, and your license can be suspended for an additional 90 days or more. Kansas does not have a hardship or limited driver's license available to Kansas drivers.

  • In Missouri, the state will suspend your license for 12 months, even on a first offense. You can also go to jail on that first offense.

Put skill and experience on your side. Timothy R. Tompkins will investigate your driving record and determine the reason for the suspension. Then, he will fight to get the DWS/DWR ticket amended to a lesser charge so new points or suspensions do not occur. He has even prevented many clients with repeat DWS/DWR convictions from going to jail.


Kansas is a moving violation state. This means that, if you receive three moving violations in a year, your license will be suspended. Kansas will also suspend you if you are ticketed and convicted for driving with no liability insurance. There are several issues that arise that you must comply with to maintain your driving privileges:

Once driver control receives notice of this conviction, they will require that you pay a reinstatement fee of $100 and maintain an SR-22 filing with the Driver Control Bureau for a period of 12 consecutive months.

The state legislature has passed new fines for convictions of this charge that will make you think twice about driving uninsured. For a first such occurrence, the fine is will be between $300 and $1,000. And for a second or subsequent conviction within three years of a previous conviction, the fine will be between $800 and $2,500.

This conviction is one of the three necessary convictions used by the Driver Control Bureau to revoke your driver’s license under the Kansas "Habitual Driving Statute" for a three-year period. 

Meanwhile, Missouri operates on a point system. Whether you received a basic speeding ticket or a citation for Driving While Suspended, if that ticket pushes you over the limit, you can lose your driving privileges:

  • 8 points in 18 months will result in a 30-day suspension or longer

  • 12 points in a 12-month period will trigger a 1-year revocation.



Kansas Habitual Violator Law

Probably the least understood, but the most devastating, traffic law to a Kansas driver's driving privileges is the "Habitual Driving Statute.” Kansas labels you as a "habitual violator" if you are convicted of, or plead guilty to, three serious traffic offenses within a 5-year period. This results in a 3-year license revocation with no hardship license. 

A Habitual violator is defined as a Kansas driver who, within the immediately preceding five years, has been convicted three or more times of any combination of the following:

  • DUI/DWI (even diversions)

  • Driving while suspended/revoked

  • Reckless driving

  • No proof of insurance 

  • Failing to stop at the scene of an accident

  • Vehicular homicide 

When you are faced with a license suspension, have been charged with driving while suspended or revoked, or termed a "habitual violator," you need the KC Traffic Lawyer. He will work to get these offenses amended to a lesser charge to avoid the suspension of your driving privileges. Also, he will work to see that your fines and court costs are absolutely as low as possible.

If you are facing criminal charges for driving with a suspended or revoked license, or you risk license revocation because of one too many tickets, call the KC Traffic Lawyer today to discuss your case in a free confidential consultation.


Attorney Timothy R. Tompkins is a native of the Kansas City area. He treats every client with the personal attention their situation demands and deserves. He is committed to effectively representing clients through each stage of the case, from requesting initial police reports to negotiating plea agreements to going to trial when necessary. If you’ve received a traffic violation or have committed a misdemeanor in the KC metro, you deserve quality legal representation. Contact the KC Traffic Lawyer for a case consultation today.