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In 2011, Pitch Magazine rated Kansas City as the 9th most dangerous city in the United States. They claimed that the crime rate was three times higher than the national average, and they cited crime statistics from the FBI. From 2008 to 2009, Kansas City saw a 4% increase in aggravated assault cases and an 11% increase in forcible rape cases.

The Punishment May Not Match the Crime

What statistics don’t tell is the story behind the crime. And, even when an individual admits guilty to a crime, the punishment can be wildly disproportionate. In 2014, Listverse wrote an article titled “10 Absurd Punishments for Mundane Crimes.” The article told the stories of individuals who committed crimes and were then punished either far beyond what was reasonable — or just in downright strange ways. Those stories included:

  • Ricky Joe Moore shoplifted a hot dog from a convenience store. He was arrested on a felony theft charge and faced a prison sentence between six months and three years.
  • Betina Young sold fake ID cards and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Instead of sentencing her to 15 years in prison, as is the standard, the judge placed her on probation, fined her $3,000, and ordered that she spend three days in jail every Christmas for five years.
  • While Judge Robert Restaino was holding a court proceeding, a cell phone went off in the room. When no one silenced it or claimed it as their own, he quickly became frustrated. He ordered that the phone be brought to the front of the room. When no one complied, he arrested all 46 people in the courtroom.

While these stories may be entertaining, the sad reality is that there are everyday people who face punishment far worse than the crimes they commit. And, in many cases, innocent people face jail time for the crimes committed by others.

Without an attorney by your side, your punishment is a toss-up

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If you’ve committed a crime in or near Kansas City, it’s important to remember that this one crime does not define who you are. Something about the legal process and courtrooms can make many individuals feel that they don’t deserve freedom. Don’t let this mindset take over. 

With the right attorney by your side, you can stand a fighting chance to either lessen your punishment or lift it altogether. You can continue to see your loved ones and live a life of freedom, or you can face a life of lonely imprisonment. It all begins with choosing the right criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas City

Attorney Timothy R. Tompkins is a native of the Kansas City area. He treats every client with the personal attention their situation demands and deserves. He is committed to effectively representing clients through each stage of the case, from requesting initial police reports to negotiating plea agreements to going to trial when necessary. If you’ve received a traffic violation or have committed a misdemeanor in the KC metro, you deserve quality legal representation. Contact the KC Traffic Lawyer for a case consultation today.