One Speeding Ticket Can Affect Your:


Jobs such as truck driving or delivery can be great options for some individuals, but just one speeding ticket can make attaining such a job impossible. Don't let a small mistake hold you back from employment opportunities.

Insurance Rates

Most people hate making their auto insurance payment every month. One ticket can increase your rates, and multiple tickets can lead to a loss of coverage. Don't let one speeding ticket hike up your insurance rates.

Driving Privileges

Depending on whether you're in Kansas or Missouri, a speeding ticket can add points or moving violations to your driving record, which can affect your driving privileges for years to come. Don't lose your right to drive.

Timothy R. Tompkins

Extensive Experience in 50+ Kansas City Area Courts

Many attorneys specialize in one or two jurisdictions, which is great if you happen to live in those areas. But if you live in Kansas City, there's a good chance you live in one city and work in another and that you drive all around the metro area. No matter which court your ticket leads you to, there's a good chance that I've successfully defended a client there.

You have a DUI/DWI charge. What do you do now?

A DUI or DWI is difficult to handle. Here are some things you should know.

One wrong step can have huge consequences

Did you know that, in addition to penalties due to your breathalyzer results, you can face criminal penalties for refusing to take a breath test? Or did you know that the state of Missouri allows you 20 minutes to contact an attorney before submitting to a test? There are many things the typical person may not know about DUIs and DWIs, but being charged with one can change your life. Get the facts from an attorney who will fight to keep your driving privileges intact.

Practice Areas

Call now so a speeding ticket doesn't control your life. I'll fight for you.

Is Fighting a Ticket Worth It?

It's easier than you think to counteract your ticket.

When I ask people why they didn't fight a speeding ticket, many of them will say that they thought it would be too expensive or difficult. People are almost always surprised to learn how little time it takes to speak with an attorney about their traffic violation.

They're equally surprised to learn that the attorney fees are comparable to the price they would pay for the ticket. If you've been charged with a ticket, don't make assumptions. Contact me to learn the facts of your case and see how easy it is to wipe the ticket from your record.

It doesn't matter if you were issued your speeding ticket in Kansas or Missouri. Either way, there's a strong chance I've represented another client in the same court. 

I've been to courts all around the Kansas side of the KC metro, including Wyandotte County, Johnson County, Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Shawnee Mission, Tonganoxie, and Lenexa. 

Fighting a ticket in Missouri? If you're in Jackson County, Grain Valley, Lake Lotawona, Lone Jack, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, North Kansas City, Independence, Raytown, or Belton, it's likely that I've successfully fought a ticket in your community.

One small mistake like a speeding ticket shouldn't have to affect your driving record for years to come. Contact the KC Traffic Lawyer immediately to get legal help.