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TIMOTHY R. TOMPKINS licensed in KANSAS, MISSOURI, & FLORIDA, handles KANSAS DUI & MISSOURI DWI cases and other traffic defense cases in Kansas and Missouri. Tim Tompkins is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, which holds its annual seminars at Harvard Law School each summer.

ARRESTED FOR DUI? DRIVING WHILE SUSPENDED? SPEEDING TICKETS? YOU need an Attorney that will AGGRESSIVELY DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS. If you, or someone you know, recently received a ticket for a traffic violation, or you have been arrested for a DUI / DWI, or you were involved in an accident, anywhere in Kansas or Missouri, or your Driving License has been suspended YOU should call the KC TRAFFIC LAWYER'S® HELP LINE AT (913) 707-HELP (4357).

Remember It is your responsibility to protect your driving record or hire an attorney to defend your rights, because even minor traffic tickets can effect your:

  • Ability to Drive / Loss of Driving Privilege
  • Insurance Rates
  • Employment

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